Ladies Learn To Shoot Class

Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 12:00 to 17:00
This class is the perfect class for ladies who would like to learn to shoot a handgun or would like a refresher course in doing so. You will learn everything from how the gun functions, how to properly grip the gun, align the sights, stance, breathing, trigger press control and anything else to safely handle a handgun. The class is $75.00 and lasts 5 hours. 4 hours are spent on classroom training and 1 hour of actual shooting time. Class size is limited in order for the instructors to maintain the proper instructor to student ratio and insure everyone gets the proper amount of instruction. This class is part of a series that women may choose to further their training by taking Defensive Pistol Basics and Defensive Pistol Basics 2. These additional courses take ladies through such things as firearm selection, ammo selection, holster selection, correcting malfunctions and cleaning your firearm and on to items like point shooting, flash sight picture, aimed shooting, engaging multiple targets, one handed shooting, off hand shooting and situational awareness. These classes all include; range time, ammo, targets, firearm if you don't have your own and instruction. All 3 classes are $75.00 each or buy the series for $200.00, a $25.00 savings.